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    The Street Skills Academy is not like your usual soccer coaching, this 6 session programme is about developing skill, creativity and the ability to perform in 1 v 1 and 3 v 3 situations. Our mission is to not only to show players what it takes to be a truly great player, but to allow players to fall in love with the beautiful game.

    The programme is all about creating an optimal learning environment where players can learn to express themselves in a non judgemental atmosphere; these are the key attributes that all great clubs adopt throughout Europe. As part of the programme we teach the players how to play in small areas, tight situations and be truly immersed in their learning, improving their decision making and their speed of thought and speed of play. Players will leave the programme becoming inspired and motivated to enjoy the game of soccer.


    3 v 3 Street Soccer Fields

    The inflatable fields are excellent products that are certain to engage and excite young players. They are custom made to give the optimal learning experience developing speed of play, decision making and problem solving.


    Each player will receive their Street Skills Academy T-shirt and will be asked to wear it during the training sessions.

    Players Zone

    On the first day of training each player will receive their FREE access code to Playerszone.tv.  (worth 45 dollars).   Players will have access to learn the very best street soccer moves by the very best players..  Players Zone is designed specifically for players. It is a member’s only website to learn the latest moves and skills. Videos are submitted from some of the best and most respected street soccer players around the world.  Players will be asked to refer to players zone to learn in their own time and help them while filling out their handbooks.

    Coach Darren Laver

    Darren Laver is one of the most unique and creative coaches in the world. He is the Founder, of the International Street Soccer Association (ISSA), the world-wide recognized street soccer concept, and a globally recognized expert Coach and Exhibition Performer. Mr. Laver has dedicated his life to coaching players to improve their creative skill. He provides training programs for amateur and professional clubs, councils and governing bodies across the world. Mr. Laver’s influence has grown to be a near global phenomenon.

    Darren is a recognized authority on the subject, and his performances and exhibitions have allowed coaches, teachers and those involved in the biggest sport in the world seek a more creative, efficient and dynamic way to coach the beautiful game. Darren’s extraordinary abilities and performances led him to being voted one of the best street soccer players in the United Kingdom and was the selected to be one of 25 star players to feature in EA Sports FIFA Street (2012 Video Game).